NSW Immunisation Specialist Service (NSWISS)


What does this service provide?

  1. A drop-in immunisation clinic at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
  2. An Immunisation Specialist Clinic
  3. A 1800 telephone advice service


1. Drop-in immunisation clinic

What service does the drop-in immunisation clinic provide?

Specialist immunisation nurses are available to administer immunisations and advice to children attending the outpatient department or while visiting the hospital. The service provides free (government-funded) vaccines, as well as other non-funded vaccines that are available for purchase.

Clinic location, times and contact details

We are located on Level 1 (Ground floor, behind the Book Bunker).

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
Cnr Hawkesbury Rd and Hainsworth St
Westmead NSW 2145

Follow the green bear paw prints on the walk ramp down to our clinic.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am – 3.30 pm

P: 9845 0169

Do I need to make an appointment?

No appointment is necessary.

2. Immunisation Specialist Clinic

What services does the Immunisation Specialist Clinic provide?

  • Assessment and management of a child or adolescent who has previously experienced an adverse event following immunisation
  • In-depth consultation with parents who have concerns about vaccines, side-effects and possible adverse events
  • Administration of vaccines under close supervision, if appropriate
  • Personalised follow-up by telephone call after vaccination
  • Outline of schedule options for future vaccination (which may differ from the standard schedule depending on the nature of the adverse event experienced)
  • Vaccination under sedation for children who are unable to be vaccinated in the community setting
  • Telehealth consultation
  • Provision of telephone advice and referral for adults to an appropriate specialist according to the particular type of concern or adverse event experienced

What happens at the clinic?

  • You and your child will see a doctor who specialises in immunisation.
  • The doctor will examine your child, take a medical history, discuss your concerns and make a plan with you for future vaccinations if appropriate.
  • Your child may be vaccinated on the same day (after the consultation) by the specialist nurse, may be asked to return at a later date, or may need to be admitted to hospital for closer supervision.

Do I have to pay to attend the clinic?

No. Attendance at the clinic is free for Medicare card holders.

Do I need to make an appointment?

  • Yes
  • Obtain a referral letter from your local doctor addressed to Dr Nicholas Wood, Immunisation Specialist Clinic.
  • Fax the referral to (02) 9845 1418 OR email to SCHN-NSWISS@health.nsw.gov.au
  • Contact the Immunisation Adverse Events Clinical Nurse Consultant on 1800 679 477 for appointment bookings and clinic enquiries.

What should I bring to the appointment?

  • A copy of the referral from your local doctor
  • Your child’s Medicare card
  • Your child’s Personal Health Record (“Blue Book”)

Immunisation Specialist Clinic location

Outpatients Department
Level 2 (entry level, next to Starbucks Café)

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
Cnr Hawkesbury Rd and Hainsworth St
Westmead NSW 2145

Clinic times

Every Friday morning, 9 am – 12 pm


Professor Peter McIntyre
Dr Nicholas Wood

Contact details

Immunisation Adverse Events Clinical Nurse Consultant

P: 1800 NSWISS (1800 679477)
F: 9845 1418
E: SCHN-NSWISS@health.nsw.gov.au

3. 1800 NSWISS

What service does 1800 NSWISS provide?

  • 1800 NSWISS (1800 679477) is a specialist immunisation telephone advice line providing clinical advice and support to immunisation providers in NSW.
  • Highly specialised nursing and medical staff from the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) are available to provide clinical advice on immunisation for patients with complex or unusual medical backgrounds or who have previously had an adverse event following immunisation.

Hours of operation

  • Monday to Friday, 9 am – 5 pm for immediate advice
  • Or leave a message and staff will respond

For general immunisation enquiries, contact your local Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055.


Last updated March 2016