COSSI network

The Collaboration on Social Science and Immunisation (COSSI) is an initiative of NCIRS and the University of Sydney. It was established in 2016 to better inform Australian immunisation policy and practice with high quality evidence from the social sciences by supporting capacity in research and evaluation, collaborations and translations.

COSSI is governed by a committee consisting of researchers and program staff whom meet on a monthly basis. The 2016-17 committee is comprised of:

Julie Leask (convenor)
Kerrie Wiley (convenor)
Samantha Carlson (administrator)
Amy Creighton
Anita Heywood
Holly Seale
Jane Frawley
Katie Attwell
Katrina Clark
Elizabeth Lewis
Margie Danchin
Marianne Trent
Melinda Hassall
Patrick Cashman
Susan Thomas

The COSSI network is open to researchers, health care providers and postgraduate students working in in the social science of immunisation. If you are interested in networking, assistance in methodology, learning from what others are doing and accessing further research-related information.


The network does not accept sponsorship from the pharmaceutical industry.

Last updated March 2018