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Fact sheets and information about infectious diseases, vaccines and Australian immunisation programs are available from national, state and territory health department websites and websites of other medical providers, including:


States and territories

SKAI – Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation: Resources for parents

A series of five Q&A fact sheets addressing the five concerns most commonly expressed by Australian parents are available from the Immunise Australia website.

These fact sheets were developed by the SARAH Collaboration. SARAH stands for Support And Resources to Assist Hesitant parents with vaccination.

In consultation with parents and health professionals, the SARAH Collaboration are building a suite of resources for health professionals and parents or other carers of babies and young children, designed to support conversations about childhood vaccination.

Further information on the SARAH project is available on the Social research pages of our website.

Other useful Australian websites


Please be aware when accessing information from international websites that many countries use different vaccine formulations and different schedules to those recommended in Australia.

Last updated May 2016