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HPV vaccination study

Jan 2012 - News

If you have a son or daughter aged 11-13, then we are interested in what you and your child have to say about HPV vaccination.

It does not matter if your child has had the HPV vaccine. We would like to ask you both questions about HPV and the HPV vaccine. Interviews of you and your child will take around one hour to complete, and we will use this information to develop a decision-making tool for young people and their parents to use together, to help them make a decision about HPV vaccination. You will be reimbursed for travel.

If you or anyone you know is interested in this study, please Click here or contact Robyn Cree at

December 2011 - Newsletter

Dec 2011 - Newsletters

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Workshop: Progress toward control of meningococcal disease - held on 15 November 2011

Nov 2011 - Events

Held on 15 November 2011 in Melbourne, this scientific workshop brought together national and international experts to share the latest information on the biology, epidemiology, prevention and complications of meningococcal disease.

October 2011 - Newsletter

Oct 2011 - Newsletters

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National Pertussis Workshop - held on 25 & 26 August 2011

Aug 2011 - Events

Hosted by NCIRS on 25 and 26 August 2011 at Darling Harbour in Sydney, the National Pertussis workshop brought together national and international experts to share the latest information on pertussis. Topics included epidemiology, vaccine efficacy, vaccine schedules, new strategies and future steps and priorities on pertussis.

Click here for a PDF version of the National Pertussis Workshop program/abstract booklet

PDFs of presentations can be accessed via the presentation title links below. Please note files are large and may take a couple of minutes to download.

Day 1 - 25/8/2011

Is Australia the world capital of pertussis? - by Peter McIntyre
Pertussis control - has Canada got it right? - by Scott Halperin
Risk factors for death from pertussis (California)? - by Kath Harriman
Severity of pertussis in hospitalised children - by Helen Marshall
What do we know about source of infant infection? - by Kristine Macartney
Pertussis strains - do they matter? - by Ruiting Lan
Vaccine efficacy and surrogate markers - by Peter McIntyre
Vaccine effectiveness & duration of immunity - US overview - by Tom Clark
Vaccine effectiveness & duration of immunity - Australia - by Helen Quinn
What do we know about impact of vaccines on transmission? - by Patricia Campbell
Pertussis vaccine schedules - what can serosurveillance and modelling tell us - by Jodie McVernon

Day 2 - 26/8/2011

Experience with cocoon implementation and impact -
California - by Kath Harriman
US overview - by Tom Clark
Australia - by Stephen Lambert
Maternal immunisation - can we do it, what can we expect? - by Scott Halperin
Neonatal immunisation - can we do it, what can we expect? - by Nick Wood
Live attenuated pertussis vaccines - are they the future of pertussis control? - by Camille Locht

April 2011 - Newsletter

Apr 2011 - Newsletters

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December 2010 - Newsletter

Dec 2010 - Newsletters

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New NCIRS fact sheet for providers - Adult vaccination

Nov 2010 - News

The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS) has released a new fact sheet for immunisation providers on adult vaccination.

The fact sheet provides a summary of the current national recommendations on vaccines required during adulthood, including those funded under the National Immunisation Program (NIP) and those that are recommended in the current (9th) edition of The Australian Immunisation Handbook. It also highlights adults who may be at higher risk of certain vaccine preventable diseases and need additional vaccines, such as pregnant women, immigrants and health care workers.

A summary table is also provided in the fact sheet which can be used as a quick reference for providers in the clinical setting. This is to be used in conjunction with the Handbook.

The fact sheet is available on the Immunisation Resources page. The NCIRS website features a number of resources for immunisation providers including fact sheets, coverage information, and educational tools such as MMR decision aid and Myths and Realities slide presentation.

September / October 2010 - Newsletter

Oct 2010 - Newsletters

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Researchers awarded funding to study vaccine uptake in pregnant women

Sep 2010 - News

NCIRS researchers Dr Julie Leask, Dr Spring Cooper and Dr Nick Wood were recently awarded a grant from the Financial Markets Foundation for Children to initiate a new study aimed at better understanding the behaviours and attitudes of pregnant women to influenza vaccination and pertussis vaccination postnatally.

Whooping cough, caused by the bacteria Bordetella pertussis, and influenza (the flu) are illnesses that commonly affect infants and young children. Both diseases are preventable by vaccination but high numbers of illnesses and deaths are still recorded in Australia.

This new study aims to understand the barriers that pregnant women and new mothers may have to receiving vaccines that can protect them and their children against whopping cough and influenza. Based on this research the team hope to develop a tool that can help mothers make informed decisions about receiving these vaccinations at the right time.

The project commenced in July 2010 and will be led by Dr Julie Leask, senior research fellow and manager of the social research team at NCIRS. Dr Spring Cooper is a senior research officer and will bring her experience from a study of the impact of gain versus loss frames on postnatal pertussis vaccination uptake. Dr Nick Wood is a paediatrician involved in a number of clinical research projects focused on maternal and neonatal immunisation. Ms Kerrie Wiley will be undertaking her PhD research based on this study.

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